Who we are

We craft apps and digital experiences for enterprises, mid-size companies, and startups.

We started in 2019, building native and cross-platform mobile applications. Now we also build IoT apps, create AR, VR and Mixed reality applications services.

What we believe in

We believe in people and technology, the never ending self-improvement that pushes us to strive for excellence.
After all those years on the market, we have learned that life is too short for building software no one needs and no one will use. Before starting a new partnership, we don’t ask if the project is feasible. We want to know if it’s desirable, will it make a difference.

How we work

We understand that every single project is a unique opportunity to build something great.

To deliver outstanding software, we work in Agile and Lean. We believe in the power of the iterative process — the step-by-step design, development, testing, and release of functionalities. We follow a data-driven development loop. Data helps us improve functionalities and add more value with every sprint.

To deliver quality, we rely on the extensive experience of the team.

Our product managers keep the whole team motivated and focused on the job — successful deployment is our goal. MXR cross-functional team consists of business consultants, pixel-perfect product designers, skilled software developers, and smart and devious QA testers. All of it in-house.

Our Skills & Expertise

We believe that various experiences of all team members may improve the process of VR content development, and each of us can contribute their own, creative element. Modern tools enable us to manage projects created for customers from around the world. Our co-operation is based on mutual trust and understanding of expectations. Developed plan of creative and production processes allows us to realize the set goals.


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AR Content Development

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