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what is MXR?

MXR Solutions is a leading augmented reality app development company with a team of experts capable of pushing the limits of the latest technologies. Boasting years of combined experience, Program-Ace has created the best augmented reality experiences for a countless number of devices, platforms, and technologies.

Our team is fully qualified to handle full-cycle AR development, from developing a product strategy to delivering it with all the bells and whistles attached. Choose from a range of business models, including hiring an entire team or dedicated developers to see the project through to the end.

What We Can Do For You

AR education apps are becoming increasingly popular in visualizing complex information. We have developed several augmented reality training apps for education, including AR learning apps for auto repair, wheel replacement, and water skiing.

Customization is one of the biggest selling points in e-commerce and lots of other industries. With AR configurators, businesses and consumers can visualize and modify a product, look at it in more detail, and test its functions. As one of the top augmented reality companies we have created AR configurators to suit different business needs, as we can do for you.

We use augmented reality to add some unique interactive elements to locations to enhance the exploration process and bring a new experience to the viewer. This can be very helpful in case you want to engage the audience in the exploration process and deliver an enhanced experience of interaction with objects.

When you need to showcase a product, few things are more impressive than presenting it digitally via augmented reality. Our team will capture the structure, appearance, and other characteristics of your product with great accuracy, and make sure that the AR model is just as distinguished as the original, and accessible on different platforms, including mobile AR.


We are a leading company in the development of markerless AR solutions such as interior design apps. Starting from high-poly models creation and perfectly accurate surface detection to uniquely useful feature integration and app deployment to any platform that supports AR we are ready to create a fully immersive experience that will convince users of your quality and professional approach.


Applying our longstanding experience with all forms of AR, we can create unparalleled experiences for the web. These applications will be accessible on all modern movie devices and take advantage of hardware without promoting downloads of standalone apps. Our WebAR apps can be a valuable addition to your website and a boon to your business.