Management System

We have come a long way from when we first sought to devise a tool for teaching and accelerating the pace of learning for our children . Our commitment and passion to simplify complex on-line learning packages coupled with our enthusiasm to deliver a unique diagnostic tool in parallel with a fun learning environment resulted in todays product’ ischoolhub’. It has proven credentials and is proving to be a strong leader in the on-line education industry .

Academia Management

The management functionality of gives complete control to the student and the assessor to ensure optimum success in their educational careers. It creates a safe secure and nurturing platform for the student to build up their skills to achieve success at

Student Management

All Students are assigned unique Ids and passwords enabling the assessor to track each student and assign work accordingly. Student data is securely managed by assessors and interrogated to ensure progress is being made by each student in a timely manner.

  1. Event Management
  2. Time Table
  3. Student Tracking
  4. Leave Management

Transposrt, Library, Hostel

It uses multiple features to inform the user about the exact vehicle location at any given point of time.

I can do this once I know a bit more about how system works Its all about Transport Management so possibly a flow chart of start to finish ie Drivers employed, Routes, Vehicle Data, live Tracking of vehicle

School Management Mobile Application Features

Exam Management

Course and Batch

Multiple courses and batches can be handled on a single dashboard which increases productivity and reduces human effort.

Qusestion Bank
Our module view.upload and download the question bank.

Exam Timetable
Defines the ranking level for each class.

Finance Management

Transparent Accountancy tool which allows for excellent budget manage­ment and reconciliation of all Faculty expenses.