Exam Security. Done Right.

Deter. Detect. Prevent.

Online proctoring to advance your learning and testing program. Validate knowledge. Reduce costs. Expand access.

Protect Any Online Exam

Remote human proctoring supported by our advanced technology solutions.

MXR Proctor helps educational institutions, enterprises and businesses carry out credible online assessments, reduce organizational costs and achieve KPIs by providing advanced software with fully automated, asynchronous and live proctoring modes.

Technology that Crushes Brick and Mortar Test Centers

Why do customers use MXR Proctor?

1. Proctoring support on Android and iOS mobile devices

3. Minimum network requirements – 256 Kbit/s (100 MB/h), automatic recovery after disconnection.

2. Additional mobile camera connection for the view of 360°

4. Communication with live proctor via video, audio, and chat. The ability to communicate with the student to several proctors at the same time.

What is proctoring by MXR?

Incorporated into MXR Platform verifies the identity of the participant and tracks behaviour throughout the test to evaluate it and create the report on the credibility of the results once the exam is completed. Omit all the reputational risks and organizational costs at the same time by organizing advanced proctored online testing.

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