Most modern training methodologies are either in live instruction form, virtual web based LMS or delivered in shorts bursts of audio & video content. Virtual reality training combines all of the above to offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and training effectiveness.

Our Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Cost effective, fully modular and scalable, virtual and augmented reality training.  Regular application updates as well as free hardware upgrades guarantees your business stays on the forefront of digital innovation.

Benefits of Immersive Training

. Zero risk/harm environments
. Eliminate training injury & accidents
. Simulate hazardous scenarios
. Faster learning through exposure
. Replay recorded sessions
. Immersive 1:1 environments
. Optimize learning & workflow
. Surpass audits & meet compliance
. Train more people faster
. Work anywhere in the world
. Enhanced collaboration
. Easy access to specialists/expertise
. Reduce travel expense & environmental footprint
. Lower insurance premiums
. Save on space requirements
. Interactive post training learning
. Monitor & measure employee results
. Analytics and performance tracking

VR Training Platform

Our technology allows for unprecedented ease of access, analytics and integration capabilities to your existing LMS infrastructure.


As a full turn-key solution provider we fully support your organization with the latest in cutting-edge hardware that has been fully configured, tested & calibrated to run your unique virtual and augmented reality applications. This and our computer free headsets allow for unprecedented scalability & reduced hardware footprint.

Content for VR Training

Our core technology is extremely flexible. This allows for in-depth customization of content. Our specialists will work with you to create the most realistic simulations needed for your specific training needs. From our talented 3D Modellers and Graphics Engineers that create immersive 3D worlds to our state of the art 3D 360 Filming & Capture production team who will capture your facilities and products in incredible detail.

Interactive 3D

Suited for equipment or training on equipment usage or complex mechanical processes.


  • Detailed interactivity
  • Real-time collaboration


  • High computing needs
  • Increased cost

360° Stereoscopic Video

Best for employee training with a focus on soft skills and interpersonal communication.


  • Fast time to value
  • Real world scenarios


  • Limited interaction
  • Less visual flexibility


Technology assisted virtual reality training can be deployed through different systems and hardware depending on your organizational needs and training types.

Where VR Training is Making the Biggest Impact

General Safety & Emergency Procedures

Simulate or recreate any real world safety scenario for zero-harm immersive learning. From basic hazard identification all the way to complex emergency response plans.

Front Line Employee Training

Transform & standardize employee training by re-creating a multitude of client facing scenarios. Increase empathy, reinforce positive behavior & help delight clients.

Employee Onboarding

Easy scaleable employee orientation in a controlled & safe virtual environment. Accelerate employee ramp up time and reduce organizational risk.


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