Corporate LMS

An affordable Learning Management System

For those companies, individuals and organisations who are seeking an affordable, cost-effective Learning Management SystemMXR LMS is the answer.
Unlike many costly LMS solutions, MXR make it easy to authenticate and track your learners in a convenient easy to use platform that can be designed to suit your specifications and allow you to upload content directly.
MXR  LMS also integrates seamlessly with MXR authoring tools whether it is for a micro-site project or a more comprehensive organisational LMS.
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Flexibility to create learning platforms

By offering a range of customisable options, the MXR LMS gives content creators the freedom and flexibility to design learning that works for them and their audience. Here are just some of the key features offered in MXR LMS:

• Quizzes – Create multiple choice quizzes to test knowledge.

• Ecommerce – If you are a learning or training provider that is seeking an easy way to product-ise your learning courses, MXR LMS makes it easy to sell your courses online and manage your users effectively.

• Easy authoring – MXR LMS doesn’t require the use of additional content authoring. You can simply upload your content directly to the cloud-based system – making it easy to edit and amend with a simple, user-friendly interface.

• LTI compatible – Accept or output LTI content and make your courses more shareable

Education Solution

We, one of the top K-12 education companies, are equipped with vastly experienced Subject Matter Experts, Instructional designers, 2D and 3D animation specialists, graphic designers, multimedia specialists, and assessment experts who are champ in mapping of multiple taxonomies according to Indian and International global curriculum standards. This factor helps us to change the paradigm of school education, and create vast variety of K-12 digital content and assessment platforms for various subjects (Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, etc.) for different boards, including STATE, CBSE, ICSE, CAMBRIDGE, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Common Core based on US standards – be it Elementary, Middle or High School.

Engineering advanced K-12 learning for Schools, Curriculum Providers, and Educational Institutes with cutting edge technologies and best practices
We provide end-to-end implementation of advanced digital environment needed for establishing next-generation K-12 educational system. Listed below are some measures and practises that we incorporate to achieve high standards in K-12 content development:.

1. Access to all content in one platform with a single sign-on.
2. Our ERP System makes school management tasks easy and efficient.
3. Three Dimensional Learning.
4. Implementing Sound Digital Learning Infrastructure.
5. Adoption of State Specific Standards.
6. Career Oriented Content with STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics).

Make like time line infographic

1. MXR Creative Learning uses top-end standard specification for sharing class rosters, securely, adhering to learning technology standards such as SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and AICC (Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee)
With such global standards teachers, students, and management are connected to digital learning resources, smoothly, with a Single Sign-On. Thus, it paves the way for linking student information system (SIS) to a content application or learning information system (LMS), seamlessly, in a swift manner.

2. Our ERP System makes school management tasks easy and efficient:
We build a School ERP, could be a cloud-based automated management system, for school backend administration, evaluating student’s progress, enhancing teacher’s productivity, sending alert for fee payment, and allowing parents to do hassle free fee payment. More importantly, our advanced ERP environment helps teachers, students and management to work with:

3. Three Dimensional Learning:
Unlike other K-12 curriculum development companies, we place high importance on learning through scientific enquiry; inferential learning; solving problems through design; cross relating knowledge of different domains of science, and strengthening knowledge of a wide spectrum of sciences or engineering disciplines to understand, investigate and solve complex problems related to real world scenarios. Not surprisingly, following such rigorous, practical and effectual requirements have made us stand ahead of the pack and a preferred choice for the publishers, assessment companies, content providers, and schools following K-12 curriculum.

4. Implementing Sound Digital Learning Infrastructure:
We fully understand different organizations (small, medium and large scale) have different requirements. Thus based on their needs, we cater our specialty services for various content development purposes to realize their goals and up their efficiencies. Some of our SDL infrastructure include content and learning management systems, complete application portfolio, learning analytics, authoring solutions, dashboard with tons of features, and lesson and curriculum mapping – all these and more at a budget friendly cost.

5. Adoption of State Specific Standards:
With 28 states and 8 union territories in India, it, sometimes, becomes difficult for schools and content providers in respective regions to follow and develop course materials based on a syllabus pattern, undergoing changes or reforms as recommended by Indian government as when required. Being acquainted with this fact, we have associated ourselves with vastly experienced and eminent Subject Matter Experts, who are thorough and proficient with state-specific curriculum requirements. These experts correlate K-12 content development process with state-specific curriculum, accurately, to fill the gaps in the existing curriculum – no matter what the recommended changes are

6. Career Oriented Content with STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics):
Our editorial team design and develop K-12 education projects based on STEAM education as they are well versed with College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) needed for achieving success at workplace. For the same, we also have partnered with schools, universities, curriculum developers, and different types of content providers with whom we discuss and deploy plans that would enable students to apply learnt information in real-world and at workplace.