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Unity software can be used on different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, what is more impressive is the capacity to develop Unity applications for 25 different platforms. This includes industry behemoths like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, as well as smaller platforms like FireOS, Magic Leap, and Tizen. Thus, using Unity to build for several platforms, you can open up your game to a giant audience.

The modern Unity engine is written in the C# programming language, and this language can also be used during Unity development. It is widely accepted that C# is one of the easiest C-family languages to learn, so Unity development becomes incredibly easy and accessible to everyone who knows C#, and there are thousands of such developers. With this kind of appeal, you can engage developers of many different backgrounds in your project.

Mecanim is the colloquial name for Unity’s elaborate animation system. The system makes it very convenient to create animation, with a streamlined interface for organizing animation clips and previewing them. Mecanim supports top-notch features for humanoid characters, such as retargeting different animations and even adjust characters’ muscle definitions. This will make the moving characters in your project substantially more realistic.

Functionality to modify interfaces is built into Unity. Thus, developers can create desktop and mobile apps using the engine capabilities alone, speeding up development and streamlining further application support. Both 2D and 3D content can be integrated into such applications, and Unity lets you optimize the content for different screen resolutions and devices.

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